Civil Law

At Gettle Vaughn Law, our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal representation in the face of civil lawsuits. Our firm offers aggressive representation and legal counsel to both plaintiffs and defendants in these cases.

Civil law encompasses a number of legal issues which may arise between individuals or organizations, wherein compensation is the penalty imposed by the court and awarded to the victim. Separate from criminal court which imposes jail time and other similar penalties, civil law issues may be resolved by monetary compensation. In these matters, a lawyer will have a direct impact on the outcome of a claim and how much compensation you may be awarded, as a plaintiff (victim), or that you may have to pay, as a defendant.

By making an accurate evaluation of what a claim may be worth and working to achieve your particular goals in regards to the outcome of your claim as well as your future, an experienced and aggressive lawyer may be able to help you reach an outcome that is best for you and/or your company.

Civil Law Services:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Contract Law
  • Employment:
    • Business Disputes | Severance Packages | Unemployment Compensation | Workers’ Compensation
  • Estates & Wills
  • Family Law:
    • Child Custody | Divorce | Paternity | Protection From Abuse (PFA) | Support (Spousal, APL, Alimony)
  • General Litigation:
    • District Magistrate | Common Pleas Court | Appellate Courts
  • Jury Trials
  • Landlord and Tenant:
    • Eviction process
  • Municipal:
    • Zoning and Land Use
  • Personal Injury:
    • Wrongful Death | Serious Injuries | Work Injuries | Automobile Accident Injuries | Motorcycle Accident Injuries | Bicycle Accident Injuries | Slip and Fall Injuries | Dog Bite Injuries | Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Real Estate:
    • Breach of Contract | Misrepresentation

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